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Shelf maintenance

Freavon Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 11, 2018

Regular cleaning

Use clean rag to remove the dust from the shelves, and remember that the clean shelf is best to avoid clear water, because washing shelves with water can easily lead to the surface oxidation of the shelves and shorten the service life of the shelves.

The shelves are neatly placed

Put the tools, accessories and artifacts (products) stored on the shelves neatly, and pipes and lines must not be stacked to obstruct passages.

Special weather maintenance

Such as the maintenance methods of shelving in wet days:

1., we should open doors and windows as little as possible, which will help reduce the humid air into the indoor area and reduce the possibility of damp.

2., if necessary, open the dehumidifier and protect the storehouse from moisture. Or put some desiccant in the warehouse.

3., after being moistened, the shelves need to be wiped clean with rag to avoid rust on the shelves, especially the interface location of the shelves. It is easy to rust.

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