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  • Loop Hooks

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    Loop Hooks

    Description Freavon loop hooks
    Color: Black, White, Silver
    Universal Fit: hooks fit in different type of 1/4” pegboard
    Material: Metal
    Finish: Powder coated (black and white), Chrome plated (silver)
    Length: 100mm 200mm, 300mm, etc ...
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  • Pegboard Double Hooks

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    Pegboard Double Hooks

    Description: Freavon pegboard double hooks
    Color: Silver
    Application: retail store 1/4” pegboard
    Material: Steel
    Finish: Chrome plated ...
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  • Pegboard Scanner Hooks

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    Pegboard Scanner Hooks

    Description Freavon pegboard scanner hooks are a convenient, safe, and helpful way to display product with pricing in your retail shore and other retail environment....Read More

  • Scanning Hook

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    Scanning Hook

    Description: Freavon scanning hooks are a convenient and safe way to display your products and merchandises with pricing in your retail environment...Read More

  • Shop Display Hooks

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    Shop Display Hooks

    Description: Freavon shop display hooks are made from high quality steel and chrome plated for great corrosion and rust resistance...Read More

  • Slatwall Double Hooks

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    Slatwall Double Hooks

    Description: Freavon slatwall double hooks are available in scanning, non-scanning, ball-tip, double or loop, you can be sure that you will find the right hooks you have been looking for . If you are looking to dress up your slatwall hooks, don’t forget to inquiry about our...Read More

  • Slatwall Loop Hooks

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    Slatwall Loop Hooks

    Description: Freavon Slatwall loop hooks are a convenient way to display your merchandises in your retail environment. Freavon Slatwall loop hooks are available in different colors, so please don’t forget to inquiry about our powder coating or chrome plating services...Read More

  • Slatwall Scanner Hooks

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    Slatwall Scanner Hooks

    Description: Freavon Slatwall Scanner Hooks are designed solutions to display products with pricing in your retail environment. There slatwall hooks are offered in a variety of styles including scanner, loop and double hooks...Read More

  • Powder Coated Slatwall Hooks

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    Powder Coated Slatwall Hooks

    Description: Freavon powder coating slatwall hooks are available in numbers of colors. You can dress up our hooks in your favor color that fit your retail environment. Freavon has different styles of slatwall hooks that give you a perfect solution for displaying...Read More

  • Chrome Straight Faceout

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    Chrome Straight Faceout

    Description: Freavon Chrome Straight faceout are made from high quality steel construction and chrome plated for great rust resistance and visual interest...Read More

  • Gridwall Display Hooks

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    Gridwall Display Hooks

    Description: Freavon gridwall display hooks are available in scanner, waterfall and ball-tip. A variety of styles give you the best solution for your retail environment...Read More

  • Gridwall Peg Hooks

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    Gridwall Peg Hooks

    Description: Freavon Gridwall Peg Hooks are made from high quality steel construction and chrome plated for great rust resistance and visual interest. Freavon Gridwall hooks are available in a variety of styles, you will find what you need from us. If you are looking for...Read More

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